50 Mile route  |  cue sheet  |  Open 7:30AM - 12:30PM 

Riders will enjoy 2,200 feet of elevation of mostly rolling hills, orchards and scenic vistas, plus two awesome rest stops at mile 19 and 39.

25 Mile route  |  cue sheet  |  Open 8:30AM- 12PM

A wonderful route for any rider in your group with about 900 feet of climbing, plus a well-placed rest stop. Only one major hill, totally doable by anyone with at least ten speeds on their bike!

* Please note that both routes are subject to change for pending final adjustments & permitting.




Two fun rest stops will be open for riders featuring an assortment of quality foods designed to give you energy. Each stop will have water, sanicans and first aid kit.

Main Rest stop  |  open 8 - 11AM

Mile 19 (50 mile route) and Mile 11.5 (25 Mile route)


Second Rest stop  |  OPEN 9:30- 11:30AM

Mile 39 (50 mile route) and Mile 21 (25 mile route)