Mighty Tieton is an artisan business incubator located in the Cascades. There’s a lot happening at Mighty Tieton; including art, events, and so much more. Looking for an experience like no other? Come for one of our many events including an international art show, 10x10x10xTieton, where no piece is larger than ten inches in any direction or the Tieton Grand Prix for a cycle kart race through the streets. All cycle karts are handmade and as unique as their driver. The first annual Tour de Tieton promises to be as can't-miss as the others.

Our goal at Mighty Tieton is to establish successful, distinctive businesses by connecting creative entrepreneurs with local resources. This activity helps to improve the local economy by generating jobs, revitalizing buildings, and instilling a sense of hope, unusual possibilities, and dynamic connections with artisan businesses throughout the region and beyond.  Learn more!

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Boxx Gallery  |  Open Saturdays 11AM - 4PM

Santos Panaderia  |  Open Monday - Saturday 7AM - 7PM

617 on Tieton Square | Open Fridays 5 - 9PM and Saturdays 11AM - 9PM. Beer, wine, cider, tapas, and occasional surprises. 

Fernando's Mexican Food  |  Open Monday - Friday 9AM - 7PM and Saturday and Sunday 9AM - 2PM

Don Mateo Salvadorean and Mexican Cuisine  |  Open Tuesday - Sunday 9AM -  7PM

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy  |  An abundance of nearby hiking trails.


El Nido Cabins  |  The best place to stay in Tieton.

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