Tour de Tieton starts early Saturday morning, and for all of our Westside and out-of-town friends wondering about lodging, here are some camping options. 

There is one US Forest Service campground in the area. It’s Windy Point, down on the Tieton River. It’s about 15 miles from Tieton. It’s a popular spot so reserve as soon as possible. 

Chances are, the Windy Point will fill up fast, so we’re creating some options right in Tieton, close to the Mighty Tieton Warehouse and starting line. And what else? A greeting party the night before for all the riders and their friends. 


We have 15 spots in the Paper Hammer Garden, where we will have a Porta Potty and a hand washing station. The surface is lush grass. Very comfortable. It’s two blocks from the Warehouse, across the street from the Park, and just behind 617, our wine, beer, and tapas bar. 


We also have 15 spots on the Maple Street lot. The surface is mowed weeds and grass. There is a simple but functional toilet and sink available in an adjoining building. It’s one block from the Warehouse and the park. 

Lodging options are $15 per head for each of the sites. Purchase a camping spot here.




Not a happy camper? We've got you covered!


THE place to stay in Tieton! Just a short couple blocks from the Mighty Tieton Warehouse, these charming cabins have all you need. Learn more here.

Yakima Hotels

Stay at one of the many Yakima hotels, a quick 20 mile drive to the Start Line.